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A Cloud in the Desert

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Martin A. Lessem is a regulatory attorney by day and an author by night. Originally Swedish, he became a US citizen in his 30’s while still living in New Jersey. At some point, sanity gripped him and he moved to Massachusetts together with his cat, Nimitz. In his copious free time, Martin runs The Royal Manticoran Navy, which is a Science Fiction Fan Association, and dances Amateur Ballroom together with his partner. Additionally, he volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol: The US Air Force Auxiliary, and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. He is a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers and Manchester United, although his own sports ability lends itself more toward golf and flying when time permits. Normally he flies an Archer if he can find one, but has sign offs for Complex and High Performance Aircraft as well, and is a Commercial sUAS (Drone) Pilot.

My Books

A Cloud in the Desert

Ocean's Apart - Pending

The Descendants of
Seftel Marcus

My Books

The intrigue steadily builds in this conspiracy theory and then is smoothly resolved over the last few pages.


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