A Cloud in the Desert

The tiniest spark can send Afghanistan and Pakistan to
war. Steven Frisk’s job is to make sure that doesn’t
happen. Ali Hassan Ashwari is doing everything in his
power to ensure it does.
A CLOUD IN THE DESERT is an Espionage/Action novel.
The story follows Steven Frisk, a CIA Operations Officer, as he sets about to prevent what started as a border skirmish from escalating into a full scale war. Behind the scenes, a corporate conglomerate is manipulating the events to help boost their profits through sales to both sides. Will Steven be able to unravel the web of deception that has been laid out before him in time to prevent a nuclear war? Will his former protégé succeed in thwarting him as he tries to set the world back to neutral?

Ocean;s Apart - Pending

The second Steven Frisk Novel - Currently being written